Friday, February 22, 2008

High-Quality Photos of the Solar Lanterns

These are closeups of some of the different lantern designs that were distributed in Ghana this January. Below each photo is the lantern ID, and the name of the designer.

Dave Berger

Dave Berger

The shadows cast inside the diffuser are from the heads of the screws that fasten the LED in place; among other issues, this is being addressed in the next design phase.

Nick Wong

This plastic box was originally a container for dry-seaweed, bought from the local Japanese supermarket. This was the first of the "final" lanterns that we built for the January trip to Ghana. The box happened to be just the right size to fit the battery; the square shape made it easy to mount the sheet metal control panel. This gooseneck was salvaged from an old desklamp, but in Red#1 (sorry, no photo yet), the gooseneck was homemade using flexible tubing and romex.

Dave Berger


Dave Berger


Allan Ho

The black rubber tube coming out the side is a flexible handle (not wings).


For more information, please contact Professor Toby Cumberbatch of Cooper Union:
tcumberbatch (at)


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Wonderful initiative. There should be more of such efforts taken throughout the world.
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