Thursday, February 21, 2008

Photos from Professor Cumberbatch's Trip to Ghana, January 2008

Prof. Cumberbatch's trip to Ghana this January was a huge success. The charging station installation from last summer is still intact, and the villagers are taking excellent care of the equipment.

The three lanterns delivered by Dave Berger and Yoorhim Choi in the Summer of 2007 are still working, and being shared by all 300 villagers! Prof. Cumberbatch delivered seven new and improved lanterns (see descriptions and photos in previous post).

Sorry for the delay in posting these photos from Professor Cumberbatch's trip. More photos to follow soon!

The charging station with some new equipment installed by
Prof. Cumberbatch and the Nambeg villagers this January.

From left to right: the wooden box with the "caution" sticker is the power distribution box (installed last summer, along with the solar panels and the car battery). The large black cables coming into this box are from the solar panels (on the roof) and the "Hankook" car battery sitting on the table. The three new lanterns sitting on this box are being charged up. The three lanterns sitting on the other side of the table are the old prototype from last summer. Lastly, the charging circuits are sitting next to the old lanterns, but are hidden from view by the car battery.

In all of the following photos, the lighting in the "well-lit" version is from the camera flash. The lighting in the dimly lit versions is from the lantern only.

At the charging station
At the charging station
(photo taken without camera flash)

Pottery maker using a solar lantern

Pottery maker using a kerosene lamp

Same photo as above, taken without flash

Same pottery maker, this time using a solar lantern
designed by Dave Berger

Photo of pottery maker using a solar lantern, taken without flash

For more information, please contact Professor Toby Cumberbatch of Cooper Union:
tcumberbatch (at)


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